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  • When will they bear fruit?
    Our air-layer/grafted trees should flower around February, early spring and fruit in the fall late September.
  • What is an air-layer?
    Method of propagating new trees from previous producing trees. (Alike, but a different process than grafting).
  • Are grafted or air-layered trees better?
    We find air-layering is preferred. The process is much faster to propagate our trees and we have had great success.
  • How big do our trees get?
    About 15-20 Ft.
  • Are they Self pollinating?
  • Do I need to prune them?
    Yes, any new growth below the waist. It is recommended to shape it as a tree in order to pick the nuts the easiest.
  • What kind of soil do they require?
    Well-drained, sandy soil.
  • How many nuts do macadamia trees produce?
    Each tree, when mature, should produce about 40-50 pounds of nuts per year!
  • How long until the tree is mature?
    About 4-5 years.
  • Which variety is best?
    We have yet to find a best-producing variety. Most of our trees are hybrids which do best in Florida
  • What about cold temperatures?
    Macadamia trees withstand temperatures as low as 28 degrees F. If there is going to be a freeze, younger trees and even mature trees are recommended to have Christmas/hang lights or an outdoor heater nearby to avoid freeze
  • When will the nuts be ready?
    Once some nuts hit the ground (and are still green) or begin to turn slightly brown on the branch. If you break them off; it should snap like a lime.
  • How do I prepare the nuts?
    Husk them while they are green. Cut and peel the husk off (this should be easy). Next, set in a dry room for about 14 days. Lastly, to crack, use a C-clamp, Vice grips, or hammer to crack (or bring nuts to us for a small fee and we will husk and crack for you ☺).
  • Soil, fertilizer, water… etc."
    These questions will be answered once you purchase a tree and receive our Macadamia Care Sheet, we will provide you with.
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