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Air Layered Macadamia Tree (Farm Pickup Only)
  • Farm pickup only!

    Trees are about 3 Ft tall in a 3-gallon pot, 5 Ft in a 7-Gallon, over 6 Ft in a 15-gallon.

    They come with a care sheet when picked up!

    An Air layered tree should produce the same year purchased or the following year!

    Air layering is similar to grafting, the tree is rooted from the parent plant. Some photos show the flowers of the air-layered trees. The trees usually flower in February and produce in the fall! They are evergreen trees, add these to top off your food forrest! Once mature within 5-7 years they can produce up to 40-50 pounds of nuts per tree, per year!

    Air Layered Macadamia Tree (Farm Pickup Only)

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